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Looking for the best OKC marijuana clones and seeds on the market?

Our feminized clones and seeds produce phenomenal yields and help you save $$$ by growing your own medicine at home!

Scroll down to see our selection and reach out if you’d like to place an order. We are now accepting bulk orders for commercial growers.

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Oklahoma Seeds & Clones Update

We are currently completely out of clones and seeds but we will be restocking soon! If you’re interested in getting access to our fresh batch, please enter your info below and we’ll reach out as soon asa the new clones and seeds are restocked. We have a minimum order quantity of 6 clones.

Upcoming Oklahoma Clone Menu

Due to high demand and the next outdoor growing season right around the corner, we’re building out a brand new facility to support growers across Oklahoma. Please be patient as we will be ready to support large orders by late November. Please take a look at the strains we have coming soon:

Banana Punch

Jungle Fruit



Agent Orange



Grandpa’s Stash

Blueberry Obama

Roid Rage

Larry Lemon

9lb Hammer

Made of Honor


Our Best Selling OKC Cannabis Seeds

We’ve brought in expert breeders from Colorado and California to develop our lineup of fantastic strains for growers across Oklahoma! Each strain has been hand selected based on multiple factors such as ease to  grow, potency and yields. They’re perfect for new growers and commercial farmers alike due to their resiliency and output. 

mandarin cookies cannabis seeds

Mandarin Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Our Mandarin Cookies seeds are a highly potent cross between the popular Cookies and Mandarin Sunset strains. This strain gives off a calm, relaxed high with a citrusy and diesel aroma.

Gorilla cake cannabis seeds

Gorilla Cake Marijuana Seeds

Our Gorilla Cake is a beautiful and easy to grow cross between famous Gorilla Glue #4 and Wedding Cake strains. This award winning strain crossbreed gives a heavy, euphoric high that’s sure to please anyone who smokes it.

Gorilla glue #4 marijuana seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 Marijuana Seeds

If you’re looking for an old school heavy hitter, our Gorilla Glue #4 is the strain for you. New and old growers alike love the way this strain turns out, with a euphoric high that’s been a favorite for decades!

What Makes Our Cannabis Clones So Special?

Each of our cannabis strains have been developed for decades by some of the top growers on the planet with a combined 40+ years of experience pumping out massive grows in California and Colorado.

After decades of meticulous breeding and testing, our growers have come to a truly special group of genetics that strike the perfect balance between how easy they are to grow and fantastic results. Each of the strains we release to the public give a truly enjoyable growing experience from start to finish.

Our award winning breeders have finally released some of their best kept secrets to growers across the state of Oklahoma, so you can now enjoy the fruits of their labor.

We supply large farms and home growers and can supply a minimum of 6 into the thousands of clones at any time. Contact us today for bulk orders, or go ahead and place your order through our site today and schedule your pickup.

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We Only Provide Healthy, Happy Clones From OKC.

Our seeds and clones have been bred for years by expert growers to ensure your grow comes out better than you expected. All seeds and clones are bred at our cultivation facilities in Oklahoma City under incredibly sanitary conditions.

Take a peek behind the scenes at our operation to see just how professional it is and order your cannabis clones or seeds today today to get started on your growing journey.

We can handle large bulk orders if you need to fill out an entire crop, so don’t hesitate to ask about our bulk clones discount.

“The clones I got from OKC seeds & Clones are already taking off after the first few days. Really excited to see how they turn out!”

~ Garren T. Oklahoma City, OK

Who Are Our Cannabis Clones & Seeds Right For?

As you already know, it is now legal in Oklahoma for medical cannabis patients to grow 6 of their own marijuana plants. If you haven’t gotten your card you should definitely do it before trying to buy our clones or seeds.

People across Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas are excited to finally try growing their own highly potent medicine but it can feel a little overwhelming.

You can rest assured you’ll have a great experience working with our clones and seeds. We always take phenomenal care of our clones and only give seeds with a germination rate of 80-90%.

Our strains are perfect for beginning cannabis growers, as well as established, experienced farmers with large scale operations. We have even more strains available for our bulk order customers, so be sure to ask about them.

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Oklahoma Clones FAQ

Since marijuana laws are changing rapidly across the United States, we’ve had quite a few questions recently. Below are a list of our most frequently asked questions and answers about growing marijuana in Oklahoma.

Is Growing Marijuana Clones & Seeds Legal in Oklahoma?

Great question! Yes, you can grow marijuana clones in Oklahoma if you are a registered medical cannabis patient. Adult medical cannabis patients are allowed to cultivate 6 mature plants and 6 immature plants.

This means you may have up to 6 flowering marijuana plants and 6 clones at any given time.

However, if you want to grow marijuana in Oklahoma as a registered medical cannabis patient, you must follow some other rules.

All marijuana plants must not be accessible to the general public, the plants cannot be visible from the street or an adjacent property. So keep your plants secure and out of sight to avoid any penalties.

Is It Better To Grow From Seed or Clone?

Most people that are new to growing cannabis in Oklahoma might say that clones are the best way to start growing cannabis, but both ways are effective.

Growing from cannabis seeds in Oklahoma will give you the highest chance of success because plants grown from seed will typically be hardier and less prone to insects.

Growing from clones will increase your chances of bring in in unwanted insects, but it’s usually not enough of a problem to worry about it. Growing from marijuana clones will allow you to essentially press the fast forward button on your growing journey by cutting out the initial two weeks of germination and vegetation.

What Areas Do You Serve In Oklahoma?

We are centrally located in Oklahoma City and will be able to handle deliveries soon, but for now delivery is not an option.

If you would like to order cannabis clones or seeds and you’re not in Oklahoma City, you can still pick up your order at our OKC location.

We’ll likely branch out into other major OK cities once we find retail partners in those areas.

How Long Will It Take To Get My OKC Marijuana Clones?

We’re currently looking for exclusive retail partners in Oklahoma City. Once we have a partner and we restock, the ordering process will go like this:

  • You will place your order for clones or seeds on the website. You will not need to pay yet, so just go through the checkout fully to receive your order number.
  • Once you have entered your information and have an order number, you can schedule a pickup time at one of our dispensary locations.
  • Once you arrive at the location you will pay for your clones or seeds and be handed your package. 
  • This process will only take 24-48 hours once our retail dispensaries are onboarded to fulfill clone orders.

How Much Are The OKC Clones?

We will have a robust menu of clone strains available soon. The cost per clone, depending on the cannabis strain, will cost between $20 and $30 per clone.

Each of our clone strains have been developed for years by expert breeders, ensuring only top quality strains for new and experienced growers alike.

We will not sell to anyone that does not have an active medical cannabis patient designation with the state, so do not ask if we cna make an exception. We won’t.

If you are not registered as a medical cannabis patient in Oklahoma, you can click here to be taken to the government application website.

Do You Sell Bulk Clones In Oklahoma?

Yes, if you are a licensed cannabis cultivator with the state, we can help you on bulk clone orders.

Depending on the size of the order, we may be able to arrange free delivery of our clones to your cultivation facility anywhere in the state of Oklahoma.

If you are a commercial grower in OK and would like to place a bulk order, please fill out the form above and let us know roughly how many clones you are looking for. We will reach out to you shortly after.