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Growing Marijuana Indoors vs Outdoors

Growing marijuana is a rising trend in cannabis culture. Growing marijuana indoor vs outdoor is a debate that has raged for decades. The quality of the final product varies depending on the growing method of the marijuana.

You must educate yourself so you can decide where you’ll grow your marijuana plant, if you are a producer, or choose which type of marijuana you’ll buy depending on your taste and health needs.

Below is the outline of the differences between growing marijuana indoors vs outdoors.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Outdoor farming was the only method of cultivating marijuana before the prevalence of modern technology. It is the most natural and cost-efficient way to grow marijuana. Up until today, the average area for farms that grows hemp and marijuana is continuously growing in the United States.

The first difference between growing marijuana outdoors vs indoors and probably the most significant one is that outdoor-grown marijuana harnesses the sun’s full power and utilizes it for optimum growth. This implies that marijuana outdoor plants produce higher yields and the overall size, including their buds, grows larger than indoor ones.

This significant difference in size and produce yields affect the marijuana’s cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Since outdoor marijuana grows to its full potential, its cannabinoid and terpene levels are higher. These compounds, commonly called THC and CBD, are what give the plant its health benefits.

The downside, however, of growing marijuana outdoors is that they are more susceptible to pests, and uncontrollable temperature changes can ruin your crop.

Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing marijuana indoors is now becoming a popular alternative because of the advancement of technologies and availability of tools that can allow producers to ability to control the growing environment. This is the main strength of growing marijuana indoor vs outdoor. You have the autonomy to control almost every aspect of the cultivation process.

You can assure safety from the moment you planted the seed in the soil until your final product is harvested. Growing your marijuana indoor means you can avoid harmful substances such as fertilizers, pesticides, set the most suitable environment temperature, and even apply techniques to boost production.

The significant difference between growing marijuana indoor vs outdoor cannabis is the amount of light present during the growth process, which results in size differences. Indoor cultivation results in smaller yields and smaller plant and buds size.

However, indoor marijuana tends to have an increased level of trichomes on its flowers. These are resin-filled glands covering the plant, and denser trichomes of indoor marijuana are actively appreciated on the commercial market.

The downside of growing marijuana indoors is the expenses it requires. The light bulbs, dehumidifiers, fans, electricity costs, and other equipment needed can be expensive and certainly leaves a huge carbon footprint behind, which is undesirable to both wallet and environment.

Growing Marijuana Indoors vs Outdoors

In summary, the numerous differences growing marijuana indoor vs outdoor are the following:

Size: Outdoor-grown marijuana grows bigger under direct sunlight. Their buds grow to their maximum and weightier size.

Color: Indoor plants are significantly darker in color.

Trichome density: Outdoor marijuana has higher trichome density.

Cannabinoids: Outdoor marijuana grows to its full potential and has shown to have higher CBD and THC levels.

Terpenes: Outdoor marijuana tends to have higher terpenes. Terpenes are what produce the flavor and aroma when smoked.

Time: Indoor marijuana has a shorter growth phase because you can control the growing environment to be much more favorable, ensuring that the plants will grow faster.

Control: Indoor marijuana enables you to control the growing environment and make it more favorable to produce healthy plants.

Cost: Outdoor marijuana requires minimal requirements; hence the planting and maintenance are significantly low.


The question which among growing marijuana indoor vs outdoor is doesn’t have a definite answer. The answer depends on individual preferences. Consumers who prefer an environmentally-friendly version with higher CBD and THC will surely go for outdoor marijuana.

In contrast, those who prefer robust terpene profiles will pick indoor marijuana as the best. If you are a producer, the method you choose will rely on how much resources you have and the desired characteristics you want your product to have.

In the end, knowing that both indoor and outdoor methods can produce quality marijuana remains the most important. If you are an experienced grower in search of bulk clones for your next grow, contact us today to see our full menu of our Oklahoma marijuana clones.