growing indoor marijuana plants

Tips For Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing cannabis is good because you can do it at any time of the day or year, and you will have control over everything, including what to put in the plant. In fact, the plant can be grown anywhere, even if you have limited space or you don’t have a backyard.

That said, keep in mind that you must operate within the boundaries of the law when growing cannabis. Growing the plant is illegal in most states in the U.S. So, ensure that cultivation is legal where you stay before you proceed. If it is allowed, keep reading for tips on how to grow your marijuana indoors.

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Start small and customize when necessary.

By small here, it means a few plants for a start. Start with one or two plants at most. There is a steep learning curve when it comes to naturing weed, and chances are you are bound to make mistakes.

Make Sure There Is Enough Space

Though it will not take long before you grasp things and begin getting beautiful flowering plants, you will need enough space for the plants to grow. From the initial spurts of vegetative growth, expect the plant to triple or even double by the time you harvest.

So, when designing the area, take into account space for the plants and room for ducting, fans, lighting, and other equipment. Also, create room for working on the plants. The plant usually doubles in size in the initial vegetative phase, so ensure you have enough headspace!

Control Your Indoor Climate

Like all plants, marijuana likes specific environmental conditions in order to shine; Airflow, light intensity, humidity, and temperature are all aspects that must be regulated and monitored to keep them healthy through various phases.

Go for a cool and dry space with access to air from the outside environment. If the space is cold and wet, consider running a heater or a dehumidifier to stabilize the room. Similarly, get an AC or additional fans to cool the plants if the area is too hot.

Don't Over Do It On Chemicals and Nutrients At First

Unlike most plants, marijuana requires very minimal nutrients. Just give them enough to prevent deficiencies, and they will handle themselves. Excess nutrients can cause a nutrient burn that begins at the top of the leaves and gradually spreads If the problem is not addressed. Leaves affected by the condition cannot create or store energy, which will result in reduced yield, and definitely, you do not want that.

Another problem with giving a lot of nutrients is that they will have a strange chemical smell or taste as well as reduce the THC content. A good approach here is to give the plants half of what is recommended per day and only increase it if they show signs of deficiency.

Give Your Plants Proper Airflow

Though mentioned a bit earlier, this must be emphasized. It is important to ventilate adequately. Actually, this is not a marijuana-growing tip but a mandatory marijuana growing rule. Enough air will counter mold from growing on buds. It will also counter nutrient burn because when it gets too hot, the plant takes in more water to reduce heat.

And us they absorb water, they take in more nutrients, enhancing chances of nutrient burn. Gnats, fungus, and spider mites also thrive in spaces with low airflow. To avoid all these problems, ventilate all the spaces adequately, and it won’t be long before you appreciate your efforts.

Be Patient!

Many new growers get a little too anxious during their grow and cut corners or begin the flowering stage too quickly. Depending on your strain choice, your plant could be in the vegetative stage for up to two whole months.

This vegetative stage of explosive growth will give you larger yields the longer you wait. So, don’t be impatient and cut your vegetative stage short by switching to flowering stage lighting to soon. You’ll significantly decrease your yield by doing this too soon!

Final Thoughts

The yield of plants you will harvest boils down to the care and attention you give it. With these tips, you will be nurturing the best cannabis in town. Treat your marijuana like a baby, and you will have heavy, potent results that will make your friends jealous with envy.