cannabis plant growth stage

The Different Stages of Marijuana Plant Growth

Marijuana has been legalized in some states like here in Oklahoma for medical use under the recommendation of a licensed doctor. However, we are also aware of the fact that marijuana is expensive when bought. Some might want to grow their weed to reduce expenses since it’s more cost-efficient than purchasing the medicinal herb.

Some states allow cultivating marijuana legally, like in Maine, Alaska, and Colorado, but of course, with limits on the amount they can plant. If you’re in one of these States and you want to grow your own weeds, it’s essential to understand the marijuana plant growth stages. Knowing them will give you insights into your plant’s needs and when to provide them with.

In cultivating your marijuana plants, you have to prepare for these four stages starting from seed to harvesting. We’ll include some guides and tips for every step to grow your cannabis well.

Understanding the various stages of growth will help you be more patient if you buy our OKC clones or marijuana seeds, because not knowing how long they need in each stage will create impatience and disaster in your first crop.

Stage #1: Germination

Like every other plant, the first stage of the Marijuana plant is a seed, and the first process of cultivating the seeds is through germination. The germination process is also known as the sprouting of the seedlings that happens through meeting their needs like enough sunlight, water, and oxygen.

However, before germination, you have to pick first the right seeds to produce good quality marijuana. For this, ensure to purchase feminized seeds or seeds that grow into a female marijuana plant since they produce more trichomes. You don’t have to worry since you can find this kind of seed in the market quickly.

Once you have your feminized seeds, it’s time to germinate them through various methods. Mostly, you can germinate the seeds by soaking paper towels in the water and placing them on a plate or some container.

Afterwards, you have to put the seeds on the paper towels and cover them with another wet tissue. Although, it’s essential to keep the seeds at room temperature and don’t forget to check them regularly.

After three to ten days, you’ll see the seeds growing some stems and eventually grow roots. In this case, the seeds are considered seedlings ready to be transferred on the pot or seedbed to grow.

Stage #2: Seedlings

When the seeds start sprouting stems and grow some leaves, they are now on the next stage of the marijuana plant. In its seedling stage, the plant will mostly grow one ridged leaves first, then eventually produce more ridges along the way. The plants stay on this stage for two to three weeks, but it may take longer depending on factors like the strain or environment.

The ideal temperature to keep your plant is 77 degrees F and a place with 60% humidity. You should also provide them with a place that receives enough sunlight to help the plant grow healthier. If possible, you can also use nitrogen-rich fertilizer at this stage.

Stage 3: Vegetative Growth

After weeks of being seedlings, the plants will have fully developed roots, stems and leave where their vegetative stage starts. Usually, you should have transferred your plants in bigger pots or a wider plantation at this stage.

They also need more light, which requires you to give them 16 hours of light if you grow them indoors. On the other hand, when you grow them outdoor, they have to be under direct sunlight for six hours and indirect sunlight as much as possible.

Moreover, as the plants develop, you also need to increase the water and nutrients you give them. It’s ideal at this stage to increase the level of nitrogen to fully support the growth of your plants.

Stage 4: Flowering & Harvest

Depending on your strain, after 16 weeks or so, your marijuana plant will enter its final stage, the flowering stage. You will notice your plants start growing flower buds and eventually turn into flowers. Depending on the strain of your cannabis, the color of the flowers may vary.

The flowering stage is usually broken down into three phases:
In the first weeks of the stage is called the flower initiation, you’ll notice that your plants will start growing white hairs or what we call the pistils. They are the beginning stage of growing buds. If you have planted feminized seeds, you will see this in all of your plants.

The next phase is the mid-flowering when the buds will begin to form the flowers.

Then, in the sixth week or so, your plants will enter the late flowering phase when you see that the flowers have already grown. You have to be mindful of the plants as they are nearing being harvest. When the pistils turned brown and the leaves start yellowing, it’s time to get them and harvest


Cultivating marijuana is easy if you know the stages of the plants since they will tell you exactly what they need in the four different stages. Starting from seeds to flowering plants, you’ll definitely grow your marijuana better with enough knowledge of the stages.