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Premium Oklahoma marijuana seeds that you can’t find anywhere else!

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Premium Oklahoma Cannabis Seeds You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

We have a huge selection of autoflower cannabis seeds featuring some of thee hottest strains on the market. Our breeders have hand selected some of their favorite strains like Gelato, Lava Cake, Gushers and West Coast OG and crossed them with other top performers.

Choose from crosses like:

🔥 Gelato x West Coast OG

🔥 GMO Cookies x Gushers

🔥 Thin mint Girl Scout Cookies x Lava Cake

Plus so many more!

All of our seeds are bred by expert breeders to maximize your next grow. Take a look at all of our seeds below. You won’t find some of them anywhere else. Limited supplies available so order your Oklahoma marijuana seeds today!

New Marijuana Seeds For 2022

Our award winning breeders have been hard at work over the past year crossing some of the most incredible strains on the market. Great for personal grows and cultivators looking for an edge over competitors, these hot new crosses will make you stand out over the competition this year!

ZKITTLES X GELATO OG marijuana seeds

Zkittles x Lemon Cherry Gelato


gelato 41 x lemon cherry gelato cannabis seeds

Gelato 41 x Lemon Cherry Gelato


supeer silveer haze x king louie marijuana seeds

Super Silver Haze x King Louie


king louie x amnesia weed seeds

Amnesia x King Louie


super lemon haze x amnesia marijuana seeds

Super Lemon Haze x Amnesia


gelato og marijuana seeds

Gelato OG

Gelato Auto f4 x West Coast OG


Skywalker bx1


frosted skywalker marijuana seeds

Frosted Skywalker

Frosted Zin x Skywalker


west coast skywalker seeds

West Coast Skywalker

Skywalker OG x West Coast OG


guavalito weed seeds oklahoma


Guava x West Coast OG


frosted guava og seeds

Frosted Guava OG

Frosted Guava x West Coast OG


frosted skywalker marijuana seeds

Watermelon OG

Watermelon x West Coast OG


frosted watermelon cannabis seeds

Frosted Watermelon OG

Frosted Watermelon x West Coast OG


Gelato Crossed Cannabis Seeds

Also known as Gelato 33 or Larry Bird, the Gelato strain is an indica dominant hybrid that produces high THC yields and is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and wildly popular Sunset Sherbet.

Our breeders decided it was a perfect fit for crossing with other incredible strains like Gummy Bears, Dream Haze, Anvil and more. Take a look at our Gelato crosses below and reach out to order your bulk Oklahoma marijuana seeds today!

frosted guava x gelato seeds


Frosted Guava x Gelato


gelato x anvil marijuana seeds oklahoma

Anvil Gelato

Anvil x Gelato


gelato x blackstrap seeds

Black Gelato

Blackstrap x Gelato


gelato x dream haze weed seeds

Gelato Haze

Dream Haze x Gelato


gelato x gummy bears marijuana seeds

Gelato Bears

Gummy Bears x Gelato


gelato x mintz seeds

Gelato Mintz

Gummy Mintz x Gelato


gelato x chem seeds

Gelato Chem

Chem Sweat x Gelato


Gushers Crossed Marijuana Seeds

Another Cookies Fam strain our breeders are crazy excited about is the Gushers strain. Also known as White Gushers or Fruit Gushers, this delicious cross between Triangle Kush and Gelato #41, this strain is bursting with fruity fragrance that you or your customers will crave.

We’ve crossed this strain with some of Cookies Fam genetics like Thin Mint GSC, GMO Cookies along with other popular strains to produce a dope set of marijuana seeds you’ll want to grow year after year!

gushers x green crack cannabis seeds

Green Crack x Gushers


gushers x purple punch marijuana seeds

Purple Punch x Gushers


gelato x gushers cannabis seeds

Gelato x Gushers


gushers x luxuratti weed seeds

Luxuratti x Gushers


thin mint gsc x gushers cannabis seeds

Thin Mint GSC x Gushers


gushers x cookies and cream marijuana seeds

Cookies & Cream x Gushers


gushers x strawberries and cream seeds

Strawberries & Cream x Gushers


lemon cherry gelato x gushers x runtz weed seeds

Runtz x Lemon Cherro Gelato x Gushers


gmo cookies x gushers seeds

GMO Cookies x Gushers


Lava Cake Crossed Cannabis Seeds

Another direct descendant from Cookies Fam our breeders were hot on this year is the chocolaty Lava Cake Strain. Lava Cake is an indica dominant hybrid derived from crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and tasty Grape Pie strains.

It’s decadent aroma and strong body high make it a popular choice for patients when available, so we crossed it with favorites like Gelato, Luxuratti, Cookies and more. Select the cannabis seeds you want and reach out to order for your next grow today!

lava cake s1 cannabis seeds

Lava Cake s1


gmo cookies x lava cake marijuana seeds

GMO Cookies x Lava Cake


lava cake x gelato 33 weed seeds

Gelato x Lava Cake


lava cake x thin mint GSC seeds

Thin Mint GSC x Lava Cake


lava cake x cookies and cream marijuana seeds oklahoma

Cookies & Cream x Lava Cake


lava cake x strawberries and cream seeds

Strawberries & Cream x Lava Cake


lava cake x luxuratti cannabis seeds

Luxuratti x Lava Cake


Oklahoma Marijuana Seeds FAQ

We get a lot of questions about our cannabis seed program, so whether you’re a home grower or a large scale cultivator in Oklahoma, these frequently asked questions should help you out. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Do You Sell Marijuana Seeds To Medical Patients?

As of February 2022, we are only selling our cannabis seeds to licensed cultivators in the state of Oklahoma. We will be partnering with a series of Oklahoma dispensaries in the near future to allow for medical patient sales.

We want to give access to our killere seeds to all growers, big or small, so be patient and if you’re on our email list we’ll send you an email when the seeds hit dispensaries in the state.

Enter our seed giveaway on our homepage to officially be added to our mailing list to be notified as soon as they are released.

What's The Minimum Order For Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Since we’re only taking bulk orders at the moment, we wanted to keep our bulk order minimum accessible to smaller operators. 

The minimum bulk marijuana seed order is 250 seeds. If you have a very small grow, we may be able to work with you, so reach out to to see if we can make an exception for your situation.

The minimum order quantity can be split among a number of strains, but the minimum per strain is 50 marijuana seeds.

Will You Deliver The Seeds?

Depending on the size of the order and distance from our location (about 40 minutes south of Oklahoma City) we are able to hand deliver your seeds. 

We can deliver all orders of 1,000+ cannabis seeds to most parts of Oklahoma. If you’re seed order is under 1,000 seeds, we will give you our address so you can come pick the seeds up from our facility.

For medical card patients in Oklahoma, once we are on the shelves in dispensaries, it will be up to the dispensary to determine whether or not they will deliver your order.

When we release in dispensaries, please check with them to see if they will deliver to your address.

Why Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Contrary to what you may have heard, autoflower strains have a come a long way in the past decade.

It used to be difficult to get the same potency and high quality yield from autoflower seeds that you would from photoperiod seeds, but that’s simply not the case anymore.

All of our autoflower strains will produce fantastic results for your grow, so don’t worry, they’re actually easier to grow!

Wee also provide Oklahoma marijuana clones if seeds aren’t the right move for you right now.

How Can I Become A Licensed Grower?

Since we are only selling our Oklahoma marijuana seeds to licensed cultivators at the moment, you may be interested in acquiring a cultivation license to grow our seeds.

If you would like to start the application process, you can click this link to be taken to the OMMA (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority) website to get going.

There you can find resources on how to start cultivating legally in the state of Oklahoma. Once you’re licenseed, we’ll be happy to sell you our premium cannabis seeds for your very first grow!

How Can I Get My Medical Marijuana Card?

Once we start offering our seeds through a series of dispensary partners, you must have a medical marijuana card to gain access and grow your own marijuana plants.

As a medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma, you can grow up to six flowering cannabis plants per person.

You can also have up to six additional plants in the vegetative (non flowering) state. This allows for a total of 12 staggered plants at any given time. We recommend purchasing at least 20 seeds from our dispensary partners so you can have enough successful plants and still be under the state limit.

You can start the application process for getting your medical marijuana card by clicking this link.