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When & How To Prune Your Marijuana Plants

The process of growing marijuana plants can be quite different from taking care of other plants. Knowing the medical benefits of these plants, it indeed deserves a lot of attention from growers.

When growing, many considerations can range anywhere from considering the kind of soil they need to the amount of light that will yield most marijuana. In fact, even deciding when to prune marijuana plants is a crucial consideration.

Most people who grow marijuana plants debate whether they should do topping and pruning-cutting the main stalk of any weed plant called topping forces it to produce more and even become healthier.

On the other hand, pruning is cutting off leaves and branches that won’t receive much light and likely die off during the flowering phase anyway. By strategically cutting off these branches, you allow the plant to thrive.

When To Prune Marijuana Plants

During the vegetative stage or the first stage of a plant’s growth, it is critical to meet the needs of your marijuana plants. During this stage, the biological intensity of the plant is directing itself towards reaching a specific size and shape.

When a plan is meeting all its needs, especially the right amount of water, you can prune your marijuana plant through a systematic watering system.

With the proper pruning, you can encourage your plant’s natural growth. In addition, you have a greater chance of yielding more marijuana. There is virtually zero cost in pruning your plant. In fact, it can even be fun to prune your plant.

Just imagine how rewarding it can be if you simply invest some quality time when you prune your marijuana plant. Although, you might want to consider investing in good pruning clippers that can serve you for the years to come.

How To Prune Correctly

When you decide to prune your marijuana plants, you should never do it with your bare hands. Tearing a leaf away from your marijuana can have adverse effects on your plant’s overall growth. Always use a pair of scissors or a knife, so you get precise cuts. Better yet, buy pruning tools.

After pruning your marijuana plant, you need to water it immediately. By watering your plant, you provide its much-needed nutrients and effectively reduce the shock you caused when you pruned it. More than that, you also aid in stimulating growth.

If you want to step it up a bit further, you could cut leaves that are starting to turn yellow or those with brown tips. Remember, you need to direct all your plant’s energy towards providing essential nutrients to the leaves that need them and not those dying.

Aside from that, you allow the sunlight to reach more leaves by removing unnecessary leaves from blocking them. This technique is beneficial, especially to the leaves towards the base of the plant.

By cutting these leaves, you are encouraging them to grow and create more chlorophyll.

How To Use Pruning To Your Advantage

Simply pruning your marijuana plant may encourage growth. However, if you choose to be strategic and creative, you might be able to grow even more than what you have projected. Marijuana plants could be trained to produce more by pruning. Although, you can only do that when you start early.

In the early stages of your marijuana plant’s growth, you have to start pruning. Aside from pruning the leaves that are already dead or dying, you can cut some not yet dead leaves. By doing this, you are encouraging the plant to recover and effectively making it more robust.

For beginners, you can opt to start with the defoliation pruning technique. Defoliation is removing certain leaves of the plant, most especially the biggest fan leaves.

Although, defoliation is only effective at the beginning of the flowering stage. Plus, it should only be done on plants grown indoors so you can closely monitor their growth.


Pruning your marijuana plants can truly be advantageous, especially for those who aspire to be growers. Although, deciding when to prune marijuana plants is a crucial consideration. The best time to prune your marijuana plants is during its vegetative stage, where growth begins.

At this point of development, your marijuana plant will be used to grown and recover whenever you prune it. If you do this strategically, you can expect a 20% increase in your yield.

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